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Andreu Marco 

Global Senior Vice President, Supply Chain at Firmenich

I had the opportunity of working with Claudia for many years . She was leading the whole Planning and Allocation area for EMEIA in Burberry so we were working very closely. I admire her professional and personal skills. She is a great team player, who always puts customers and people first. I learned a lot from her, and also enjoyed working with her doing many different and innovative projects and tasks. 

Claudia is not only a great professional, but also an amazing human who always cares about her team, colleagues and customers. This is why during her years at Burberry she was able to achieve so much success. Claudia worked hand to hand with the top management to develop a great business model which more than double the company size in the years she was with us. 

I strongly recommend Claudia as an amazing leader, charismatic person, and great professional


Eric Bauer 

Chief Financial Officer at International Vitamin Corporation

Claudia has a tremendous breadth of experience and deep understanding of the retail business model that makes her an invaluable member of any team. Her natural intellectual curiosity coupled with her ability to navigate across different parts of the organization allow her to be highly effective and driving solutions to execution.  She quickly emerges herself in a business and finds ways to engage and add value. Her quick intellect and natural interpersonal skills make her a natural to participate in any number of different business issues.


Additionally, her deep understanding of different geographies, cultures and customers allow her to add value across the enterprise in ways few others can match.


Definitely a star to be further cultivated.


Mandy Fields 

Chief Financial Officer at BevMo

Claudia is an amazing woman to work for. Her zest for life, her creativity and dedication to work combine to make a very interesting and dynamic work environment. I learned something new from Claudia everyday!


She works in partnership with her direct reports, which is something I truly appreciate. I never once felt like I “worked for” Claudia – I always felt like we were working side-by-side, together to achieve our goals. It was a truly enjoyable experience and I learned many lessons in our time together both professionally and personally.


I know that she will be successful in all things that she does, and I’d join her team again any day.

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